We see  the importance of your documents and or packages. When you choose to use for all of your shipping and receiving needs, you have already branded your documents as important.


We see  the importance of your documents and or packages. When you choose to use for all of your shipping and receiving needs, you have already branded your documents as important.

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We offer court filing services covering Ontario. Filing services are available for the following court:

  • Small Claims Court
  • Federal Court
  • Court of Appeal
  • Bankruptcy
  • Court of Appeal
  • Estates Court


  • Regular Service: Will be delivered within 4 Hours (provided the order is placed by 12:00Noon)
  • Direct Service:  Will be delivered within 90 Minutes (Greater Toronto Area).
  • Rush Service: Will be delivered within 2 to 3 Hours (provided the order is placed by 2:00pm)
Mail order medications.  Serial numbers, dates and completely random numbers, labels are ficitious and created by the photographer.


  • Daily Medical services, Laboratory Pick Up and Delivery Route Service for all our customers. We transport medical records, medical supplies, and specimens.
  • Hospitals and Doctor Office services at any time of the day or night. We offer specimens delivery from hospital to the laboratory, as well as delivery to and from  hospitals
  • Homecare and Hospice Delivery Service. We deliver medical packages to your home by our uniformed professional couriers.


Stedfasts Inc. is here to meet all our customer’s needs.

You expect services as tailored and unique as your business and that is exactly what Stedfasts delivers. Anticipating and satisfying those needs is the cornerstone of our existence and our success is by measured by. Committed to offering a wide selection of courier services, including but not limited to; rush delivery services, rush delivery, same day services, and overnight services. We cater to both personal and business customers with a wide range of shipping needs. Our timely, affordable, and convenient shipping options gives you everything your business requires. With our state of the art up to date new technological materials and multiple daily departures, Stedfast inc. can move your shipment at almost any time of the day.

Customer Promise We Keep:

  • To be accountable from start to finish and if need be, after.
  • Provide the right logistic transportation Solution that your business needs.
  • Adhere and acknowledge your every transportation need.
  • Place the customers (you) first.


Dependable, Reliable & Fast Logistics Service. For All your National and Local Logistic Services.

Stedfasts Inc. sees the importance of your documents and or packages being shipped through us. When you choose to use Stedfasts for all of your shipping and receiving needs, you have already branded your documents as “highly important”. The choice really relies on your specified demand. The speed of process depends on the priority that you prefer.

Provided Services:

  • Urgent same day service
  • Economy same day services
  • Overnight services
  • Worldwide logistics
  • Medical Proxy
  • Medical couriers

Highly innovative and dependable professionals, dedicated in assisting you with all of your transportation component of your business. The dependence and reliability of Stedfasts, the quality service and the value offered, allows for you to better focus on your personal and or business growth.  When you are calling in Stedfasts Inc. you may expect to talk to a live operator or leave a designated voice- mail for a trained professional to address your needs and concern(s). Our Telephone Agents are very professional, friendly, and eager to help you in anyway they can in assisting you achieve your desired goals

With Stedfasts technological advancements being placed in such a way to aid in every step of the business by keeping us “meaning keeping you” updated and in the know how at all times.  All our drivers and operators are equipped with the newest technology to help ease the everyday- day tasks. Doing so only brings you closer and keeps you close as possible to your shipment at all times. Our drivers are fully trained in every part of their designated field. There are huge selections of choice to choose from, whether it be a small envelope or be it a full size trailer truck we are able to accommodate for it all. Stedfasts practices safety first with all our employees. Stedfasts makes it a policy practice to keep all individuals and business alike that come within contact with us work in bettering the safety of all around, around the clock. All Stedfasts Inc. employees are fully WSIB, WHMIS and TDG trained. All employees undergo a serious credit and criminal checks before being able to be entitled to take part in and or becoming a stedfasts Inc. Employee. All Stedfasts Inc. employees are professional and well mannered. Employees conduct themselves accordingly when dealing with any situations at hand with proper polite mannerism.



Our Service Guarantee:

  • Stress- free, Dependable service.
  • High quality standards provided 7 days a week, 24 hrs per day.
  • Ensure that it is our policy to hold driver and vehicle at all times.
  • Professional experts, fully trained staff and drivers in place to handle clients every need with great punctuality.
  • Very innovative and professional.
  • Great communication with awesome personalized support for each client.
  • Proof of every service provided via email, fax, and or physical copy.
  • Well put together open communication throughout the entire process.
  • Focused on quality opportunities, in the local, national and international Market
  • One stop shop logistic solution provided.


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